Obrock-Larson Genealogy

This family tree is a work in progress. It represents over 28 years of research by me, along with paid professional research.

Let me state this right up front-  there are errors and omissions in this document! My apologies if it involves your family.  Much of the 20th century material has been given to me by extended members of the families involved.

Additionally, I know there are errors and typos in the material furnished by the research agency I use (which, coincidentally, is regarded as the top genealogical firm in the U.S.)  Much of it was provided in Gedcom form, and I continue work on cleaning this up.

Lastly, I consider this to be a "family" tree. It is not intended to be a bloodline or DNA analysis.  Example- in medieval Norway, there were several cases where a young man, claiming to be an illegitimate son of the king, was accepted as a son, and heir. Paternity was not determined by DNA, but by passing an ordeal of walking over hot plowshares!  Since we can't prove paternity from those records, I choose to go with the family relationship, hence, this is a family tree.

Obviously, there is a tremendous amount of data and history within this site. My sources are of course varied, but it can be stated that there are large portions that were derived from three very specific areas.
The most interesting material centers on the maternal side of the ancestry of Eric & Evan Obrock.  They are direct descendants of Charlemagne and the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish kings of the Viking period, including the notorious viking Harald Hardråda and Ragnar Lodbrok, both of History Channel fame.  You can also follow this line to find their relationship as cousins to the following:

Presidents George Washington, John Adams, James Madison, John Quincy Adams, William Harrison, Zachary Taylor, William Henry Harrison, Grover Cleveland, William Howard Taft, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Gerald Ford, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.  They are also cousins to King Edward I Longshanks, William the Conqueror, and Generals Robert E. Lee and George Patton, among many, many other noteworthy figures of U.S. and world history.

The paternal side of the line is not quite as fascinating, but does include one notable figure. Carl Friedrich (C.F.) Schmidt (1811- 1890) was a German botanist, artist and lithographer. He was a specialist in spermatophytes and a renowned artist and lithographer. He was also a prolific botanical artist who illustrated many of the Germanic botanical works of the period. His publications, with colleague Otto Karl Berg (1815-1866) include Darstellung und Beschreibung in den Pharmacopoea Sämtliche Borussica offizinellen Gewächse aufgeführten (1853). Berg was professor of pharmaceutical botany at Berlin University. Schmidt both drew and lithographed the plates. They also published the Pharmacopoea Borusica aufgeführten offizinellen Gewächse in 1846. C.F. Schmidt was a contributing artist to the work Köhler's Medizinal Pflanzen. Medizinal Pflanzen, was published in 1887 in Gera, an east-central German city south of Leipzig. The set of four volumes was a noteworthy achievement and included plants of medicinal interest from several European nations. It was described by Sitwell and Blunt as "From the botanical standpoint the finest and most useful series of illustrations of medicinal plants." Köhler's Medizinal Pflanzen was edited by Gustav Pabst, a German botanist.

Feel free to contact me for corrections or additions, or if you just have a question. Good luck with your own research!


Birkebeiner's race to save the future King Håkon IV

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