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Vsevolod I Jaroslavich Grand Duke of Kiev
(Abt 1030-1067)
King Harold II Godwinson of England
(Abt 1025-1066)
Edith "Swan-Neck"
(Abt 1035-)
Vladimir II Monomakh Grand Prince Of Kiev
Gytha Of England
(Abt 1055-)

Mstislav I of Novgorod Vladimirovich Grand Prince of Kiev


Family Links

1. Kristina Ingesdatter

2. Lyubava Dmitrievna Grand Duchess Of Kiev

Mstislav I of Novgorod Vladimirovich Grand Prince of Kiev

  • Born: 1 Jun 1076, Novgorod, Kievan Rus'
  • Marriage (1): Kristina Ingesdatter
  • Marriage (2): Lyubava Dmitrievna Grand Duchess Of Kiev in 1122 in Novgorod, Novgorod, Russia
  • Died: 14 Apr 1132 at age 55

  General Notes:

Mstislav I was Eric & Evan Obrock's 28th great-grandfather.

Mstislav I was the son of Vladimir II Vsyevolodovivh Monomakh and probably his first wife, Gytha, Harol'dovna, daughter of King Harald II of England. He married Christina, daughter of Inge Stenkal'son King of Sweden, and then, after she died in 1122, the daughter of Dmitri Zavidich, posadnik of Novgorod.

His sons from the first marriage were Izyaslav II, appanage prince of Vladimir-in-Volynia and then prince of Kyiv; and Rostislav, prince of Kiev. From the second marriage his children were Evpraksia, Vsyevolod, prince of Novgorod, Pereyaslavl, Vishgorod, and Pskov; Svyatopolk, crown prince of Kiev; Vladimir, appanage prince of Dorogobuzh; Agafia, Mal'frid, and probably another daughter.

He was prince of Novgorod (1088-93) and again (1097-1117), prince of Rostov (1093-94), prince of Belgorod (1117-1125) and then prince of Kiev in (1125-1132). He continued the politics of his father, Vladimir Monomakh, in regards to the appanage Princes. Though considered capable rulers, neither Vladimir nor his son, Mstislav, could stop the disintegration of the once unified and mighty Kievan state. Internal conflicts and even wars between brothers and the various princes, (pretenders to the Kievan throne), continued to weaken and break it up. But even before the eclipse of Kiev, several other capitals of principalities, most of them headed by local dynasties, gained additional independence and a few of them became new political and cultural centers. The most important of these principalities that originally developed from the city-states were Chernigiv, Rostov, Suzdal, and Novgorod.

Mstislav's reign is noted for the construction of the Annunciation church on Gorodishche in 1103, which has been located in an archaeological dig, as well as the churches of Mikolo-Dvorishchensk'kyi in 1113, Antoniev in 1117 and Yuriev monastery in 1119 which are all standing today.

Chronology: 1076 AD - Mstislav's birth noted in the chronicle (by no means all princes so noticed). 1095 AD - Chronicle notes that the Novgorodians went to Rostov to get Mstislav and make him their prince replacing David Svyatoslavich. He had served them well already as prince 1088-93. 1096 AD - Mstislav led the Novgorodian army against Oleg Svyatoslavich (David's brother) when Oleg took Murom and Suzdal. This campaign is discussed at length in the biography of Oleg Svyatoslavich. It was in this campaign that Oleg killed Mstislav's younger brother, Izyaslav, at Murom and Mstislav asked his father, Vladimir Monomakh, to write to Oleg about this. The letter is one of the great documents of early medieval Rus. 1096 AD - During Svyatopolk's campaign in Volynia, David Svyatoslav was besieging Vladimir and was attacked and defeated by Svyatosha and Putyata. David and Mstislav Vladimirovich escaped to the Polovtsi, then attacked Svyatosha at Lutsk. 1102 AD - Mstislav Vladimirovich arrived at Kyiv with the Novgorodian delegation. His father, Vladimir, and Svyatopolk had agreed to switch representative princes, sending Mstislav to Volynia but the Novgorodians would not stand for it.

Mstislav I Vladimirovich the Great , Grand Prince of Kiev (1125-1132), the eldest son of Vladimir Monomakh by Gytha of Wessex. He figures prominently in the Norse Sagas under the name Harald , taken to allude to his grandfather, Harold II of England. As his father's future successor, Mstislav reigned in Novgorod the Great from 1088-93 and (after a brief stint at Rostov) from 1095-1117. Thereafter he was Monomakh's co-ruler in Belgorod-on-the-Dnieper, and inherited the Kievan throne after his death. He built numerous churches in Novgorod, of which St Nicholas Cathedral (1113) and the cathedral of St Anthony Cloister (1117) survive to the present day. Mstislav's life was spent in constant warfare with Cumans, Estonia, Lithuania, and the princedom of Polotsk.

In 1096, he defeated his uncle Oleg of Chernigov on the Koloksha River, thereby laying foundation for the centuries of enmity between his and Oleg's descendants. Mstislav was the last ruler of united Rus, and upon his death, as the chronicler put it, "the land of Rus was torn apart". By his wife, Christine of Sweden (+1122), Mstislav had many children, of which Izyaslav II founded the House of Galicia , and Rostislav founded the House of Smolensk -Yaroslavl. Of his daughters, Ingeborg married king Canute Lavard of Jutland and was the mother of Valdemar the Great , Malfrid married king Sigurd I of Norway and then Eric II of Denmark , Euphrosyne married king Geza II of Hungary , and Eupraxia married Emperor Alexios of Byzantium.

Mstislav married Kristina Ingesdatter, daughter of King Inge I 'the Elder' Stenkilsson of Sweden and Helena. (Kristina Ingesdatter was born about 1072 in Sweden and died in 1122.)

Mstislav next married Lyubava Dmitrievna Grand Duchess Of Kiev in 1122 in Novgorod, Novgorod, Russia. (Lyubava Dmitrievna Grand Duchess Of Kiev was born about 1100 in Novgorod, Novgorod, Russia and died after 1168.)

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