Erc of Dál Riata and Dyfed King of Scots
(Abt 0420-0474)


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Erc of Dál Riata and Dyfed King of Scots

  • Born: Abt 420
  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Died: 474 about age 54

  General Notes:

Dal Riada - in descent from Cairbre Rioghfhoda (Ríada), son of Conaire, in the line of Heremon. Dal Riata was the tribal and territorial name of the early tribes of County Antrim, Ireland, particularly the northeast portion. The area later known as the Route (Rúta), in northern co. Antrim, is often equated with the Dal Riada. The Dal Riada extended their kingdom into Scotland probably during the 3rd to the 7th centuries. The early term that the Romans referred to these and other tribes from Ireland was the "Scoti", thus the legend of where Scotland received its name.

An ancient genealogy of Dal Riata cites their common ancestor as Glass mac Nuadait Argatlám of clan Úgaine Mor, from whom are Síl Cuind & Dál Riata & Ulaid & Laigin & Ossairgi. Keating cites in his History, "For Eochaidh Muinreamhar, a descendant of Cairbre Rioghfhada, had two sons, namely, Earc and Olchu. From Earc are descended the Dal Riada of Alba, and from Olchu the Dal Riada of Ulster, from whom the Ruta is called."

Four chief families of Dal Riada (Irish kingdom in Scotland) included the Cineul nGabhrain, Cineul Loairn máir, Cineul Aonghusa, and Cineul Comhghuill.

The Book of Ballymote provides this early list of Irish kings of Dal Riata: Aengus Turmech (of Tara), Fiachu Fer-mara, Ailill Erand, Feradach, Forgo, Maine, Arnail, Ro-Thrir, Trir, Ro-Sin, Sin, Dedad, Iar, Ailill, Eogan, Eterscel, Conaire Mor, Daire Dornmor, Coirpre Crom-chend, Mug-lama, Conaire Coem, Coirpre Riata (Cairbre Rioghfhoda), Cindtai, Guaire, Cince, Fedlimid Lamdoit, Fiachu Tathmael, Eochaid Antoit, Aithir, Laithluaithi, Sen-chormac, Fedlimid, Angus Buaidnech, Fedlimid Aislingthe, Angus, Eochaid Muin-remor, Erc, Fergus [Mor mac Earca of circa 500 AD].

An early lineage of the Dal Riata: (Rawlinson)
Áengus Teamrach (81st Monarch), father of Fiachu Fer-mara, father of Ailill Érann, father of Feradach, father of Forgo, father of Maine Mór, father of Arndail, father of Rothrer, father of Trer, father of Ro-Sin, father of Sin, father of Dedad, father of Iar, father of Ailill Anglonnach, father of Éogan, father of Eterscél (95th Monarch), father of Conaire Mór (97th Monarch), father of Cairpre Finn Mór, father of Dáire Dornmór, father of Cairpre Crommchenn, father of Lugaid Allathach, father of Mogh Lamha, father of Conaire, father of Eochaid (Cairpre Riata), father of Fiachra Cathmáil, father of Eochaid Antóit, father of Achir Cirre, father of Finn Fiacc, father of Cruithluithe, father of Senchormac, father of Fedelmid Ruamnach, father of Áengus Buaidnech, father of Fedlimid Aislingthe, father of Áengus Fert, father of Eochaid Muinremar, father of Erc, father of Fergus Mór mac Earca.

It has been stated that the kingship of Dal Riata was moved to Scotland with Fergus mac Earca and his descendants, and that later in the 6th century the lords of the Dal Riata in Ireland were also allied with their southern neighbors, the Dal Fiatach.

# One line of descendants of Fergus mac Earca is cited as: Ferchar, son of Connad Cerr, son of Conall, son of Comgall, son of Domangart, son of Fergus mac Earca.
Another line is cited as:
# Cinead (Kenneth), son of Alpin, son of Eochaid, son of Aed Find, son of Eocgaid, son of Eochaid, son of Domangart, son of Domnall Brecc, son of Eochaid Buidhe, son of Aedan, son of Gabran, son of Domangart, son of Fergus mac Earca.
Still another line is cited as:
# Fianamhail, son of Dunchad, son of Duban, son of Duncath, son of Eoganan, son of Gabran, son of Domangart, son of Fergus mac Earca.

The Annals cite:

* For 165, Cairpre Riadal, desendant of King Conaire Mor, son of Mogh Lamha, from whom are the Dal Riada.
* CS499, Fergus Mor Mac Erca, with the tribe of Dál Riada, held a part of Britain and died there.
* For 501/03, Feargus Mor mac Earca, king of Dal Riada (Alba), died.
* for 565, Conall, son of Comhgall, chief of Dal Riada.
* For 572, Conall, son of Comhgall, King of Dal Riada, died. It was he that granted Hy Iona to Colum Cille.
* For 575, Conaill maic Comgaill, ríg Dal Ríada.
* For 616, Aedhain m. Mongain regis Dal Riatai [& Araide?]
* U616, death of Aedán son of Mongan, king of Dál Riata or nAraide.
* For 624, The battle of Ard Corainn was gained by Connadh Cerr, Lord of Dal Riada, where Fiachna, son of Deman, King of Ulidia, was slain.
* CS627, The battle of Ard Corann won by the Dál Riata in which fell Fiachna son of Demán by the king of Dál Riata [Dal Fiatach?].
* U627, The battle of Ard Corann in which fell Fiachna son of Demán: the Dál Riata were victors.
* For 629, Condadh Cerr rí Dal Riada.
* U629, Connid Cerr, king of Dál Riatai, fell.
* CS629, The battle of Fid Eoin in which Mael Caích son of Scannal i.e. the king of the Cruithin was victor. The Dál Riata fell, and Díucaill son of Eochu king of the Cruithin people fell, and Aedhan's descendants, i.e. Rigullan son of Conaing and Faelbhe son of Eochaid and Oric son of Albirit, heir designate of Saxan, with a great slaughter of their followers.
* CS673, The killing of Domangart son of Domnall Brec, king of Dál Riata.
* U691, The Dál Riata despoiled the Cruithin and the Ulaid.
* For 698, Fianamhail Ua Dunchadha, chief of Dal Riada.
* FA700, Fiannamail grandson of Dúnchad, king of Dál Riata, died.
* U700, Fiannamail grandson of Dúnchad, king of Dál Riata, and Flann son of Cenn Faelad son of Suibne, were killed.
* CS704, Destruction of the Dál Riata in Linn Limniae.
* U704, Destruction of the Dál Riata in Glenn Limnae.
* U711, An encounter of Britons and the Dál Riata at Lorg Ecclet, in which the Britons were defeated.
* CS717, An encounter between the Dál Riata and the Britons at the rock called Minuirce, and the Britons were defeated.
* For 719, Sealbhach, Lord of Dal Riada, went into holy orders.
* For 727, Eochaidh, son of Eochaidh, chief of Dal Riada, died.
* U731, A battle between the Cruithin and the Dál Riata of In Muirbolg, in which the Cruithin were defeated.
* U736, Aengus son of Fergus, king of the Picts, laid waste the territory of Dál Riata and seized Dún At and burned Creic and bound in chains two sons of Selbach, i.e. Donngal and Feradach; and shortly afterwards Bruide son of Aengus son of Fergus died.
* U736, The battle of Cnoc Cairpri in Calathros at Etarlinde between Dál Riata and Foirtriu...
* U741, The battle of Druim Cathmail between the Cruithin and the Dál Riata against Indrechtach. The smiting of the Dál Riata by Aengus son of Forgus.
* For 771, Aedh Finn, lord of Dal Riada, died.
* For 776, Fearghus, son of Eochaidh, lord of Dal Riada, died.
* U778, Aed Finn son of Echaid, king of Dál Riata, died.
* U781, Fergus son of Eochu, king of Dál Riata, died.
* For 787/92, Donncoirche (Donn Corci), lord of Dal Riatai.
* For 910, Diarmaid, mac Sealbhaich, tighearna Dail Riatta.
* CS914, Diarmaid son of Selbach king of Dál Riata, fell.
* U986, The Danes arrived on the coast of Dál Riata, that is, with three ships, and seven score of them were executed and others sold.
* CS989, Gothfrith son of Aralt, king of Inse Gall, fell by the Dál Riata.
* CS1176, Cú Muighe Ó Floinn, king of Uí Thuirtre, Fir Lí, Dál Riada, and Dál nAraidhe, was treacherously killed by his brother Cú Midhe Ó Floinn and by the Fir Lí.

Erc married.

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