Ivar "the Boneless" Ragnarsson
(Abt 0787-)
Halfdan Ivarsson
(Abt 0830-)
Sitric Halfdansson
(Abt 0865-0896)


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Sitric Halfdansson

  • Born: Abt 865
  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Died: 896 about age 31

  General Notes:

Another name for Sitric was Sigtryggr.

If the source, "Directory of Royal Genealogical Data" by Brian C. Tompsett, has the correct patronym then there is probably an intervening generation. Sitric Halfdansson's father would have been "Halfdan Ivarsson", the son of Ivar Ragnarsson.

Acceded: King of Dublin, 888.
Deposed: 893-894.

Regarding his parentage:
NN mac Ímair (first name unknown, father of Sitric ua Ímair)

[Note: Sitric is called a grandson of Ímar (ua Ímair) in the Irish annals, but no satisfactory evidence has been advanced regarding the name of the intervening generation. The Irish annals (AU and others) show two sons of Ímar, Sichfrith (d. 888), and Sitric (d. 896), both of whom appear to have been kings of Dublin (although the annals do not explicitly give them that title). Another Dublin king in the annals, Barid or Barith (d. 881), is of unstated parentage in most of the annals, but is referred to as another son of Ímar in CS. Of these sons (and possible son), Sitric can almost certainly be ruled out as the possible father of Sitric ua Ímair, because Vikings were very rarely named after their fathers. However, we cannot rule out the possibility that Sitric ua Ímair was the son of another, unknown, son of Ímar.]

Sitric married.

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