Ragnvald Rettilbeine Haraldsson
(Abt 0915-)
N.N. Ragnvaldsson
(Abt 0930-)
Eyvind Kelda
(Abt 0960-0998)


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Eyvind Kelda

  • Born: Abt 960, Norway
  • Died: 998, Norway about age 38

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From Helmiskrila:
Chapter 69 The Burning of Warlocks
Then the king proceeded to Tunsberg, and held a Thing, at which he
declared in a speech that all the men of whom it should be known to a
certainty that they dealt with evil spirits, or in witchcraft, or were
sorcerers, should be banished forth of the land. Thereafter the king
had all the neighborhood ransacked after such people, and called them
all before him; and when they were brought to the Thing there was a
man among them called Eyvind Kelda, a grandson of Ragnvald
Rettilbeine, Harald Harfager's son. Eyvind was a sorcerer, and
particularly knowing in witchcraft. The king let all these men be
seated in one room, which was well adorned, and made a great feast for
them, and gave them strong drink in plenty. Now when they were all
very drunk, he ordered the house be set on fire, and it and all the
people within it were consumed, all but Eyvind Kelda, who contrived to
escape by the smoke-hole in the roof. And when he had got a long way
off, he met some people on the road going to the king, and he told
them to tell the king that Eyvind Kelda had slipped away from the
fire, and would never come again in King Olaf's power, but would carry
on his arts of witchcraft as much as ever. When the people came to the
king with such a message from Eyvind, the king was ill pleased that
Eyvind had escaped death.
Chapter 70.
Eyvind Kelda's Death.
hen spring (A.D. 998) came King Olaf went out to Viken, and was on
visits to his great farms. He sent notice over all Viken that he would
call out an army in summer, and proceed to the north parts of the
country. Then he went north to Agder; and when Easter was approaching
he took the road to Rogaland with 300 (=360) men, and came on Easter
evening north to Ogvaldsnes, in Kormt Island, where an Easter feast
was prepared for him. That same night came Eyvind Kelda to the island
with a well-manned long-ship, of which the whole crew consisted of
sorcerers and other dealers with evil spirits. Eyvind went from his
ship to the land with his followers, and there they played many of
their pranks of witchcraft. Eyvind clothed them with caps of darkness,
and so thick a mist that the king and his men could see nothing of
them; but when they came near to the house at Ogvaldsnes, it became
clear day. Then it went differently from what Eyvind had intended: for
now there came just such a darkness over him and his comrades in
witchcraft as they had made before, so that they could see no more
from their eyes than from the back of their heads but went round and
round in a circle upon the island. When the king's watchman saw them
going about, without knowing what people these were, they told the
king. Thereupon he rose up with his people, put on his clothes, and
when he saw Eyvind with his men wandering about he ordered his men to
arm, and examine what folk these were. The king's men discovered it
was Eyvind, took him and all his company prisoners, and brought them
to the king. Eyvind now told all he had done on his journey. Then the
king ordered these all to be taken out to a skerry which was under
water in flood tide, and there to be left bound. Eyvind and all with
him left their lives on this rock, and the skerry is still called

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